Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maple Syrup "Caramel" Pop Corn

I just made up a few batches of my favorite evening snack! I LOVE popcorn!!!!! A friend of mine once told me how to make kettle corn, using your normal popcorn seeds and oil, and then adding butter and sugar right in the popper before it's finished being made. I got to thinking, and decided to try maple syrup in place of the sugar. The result was an amazing tasting, caramel-like, gooey and crunchy, textured popcorn! Seriously, if you need to make caramel popcorn but don't want to spend the two hours doing it, just make this and no one will be complaining! it's to die for.

First, you will need 1/2 cup of popcorn seeds, a good amount of oil (I use coconut oil), and 2 Tbsp. of butter. If you use more or less seeds depending on the size of your popper, then you may have to adjust how much butter you put in.

Put these three ingredients into your popper. Start heating it up. When the butter and oil are both melted and start to bubble, add some maple syrup. You're going to probably want about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of syrup added in, depending on how caramel-y you want it to be.

I use our homemade maple syrup, and have no clue what the fake stuff you buy from the store would taste like... but you could certainly try it!

This will take longer than usual to pop. The syrup cools everything down a lot and kind of "drowns" the seeds ;P But be sure it all gets stirred frequently until it's finished popping. When it's done, this is what it should look like:

Sprinkle some salt onto this batch of goodness, and there's your deliciously addicting, maple syrup caramel popcorn! I am NOT kidding, it is ridiculously hard to stop eating this stuff. But good news, people! Maple syrup is not necessarily a bad sweetener for you to eat a lot of :D

This batch of popcorn has quite a lot of syrup in it. If you were to use just a little less, you will get a lighter result that tastes almost just as good... ;)

This is what it would look like with less in it. You can seriously do as much as you want! Try a whole cup of maple syrup if you're a serious sweet tooth, or if you just want a hint of the taste, then do less. It really is totally up to your personal liking!

Enjoy your popcorn!!!


  1. Oh my... That sounds fantastic! I should try to make some sometime. :)

    1. Yes you should!!!!! It's so amazing, and I have already expressed ;)