Friday, July 8, 2016

Lil' Bit of Everything...

I didn't know what to do for my very first post on this blog, so I just thought I'd give a quick "sneak-peak" into what kind of stuff will be posted in the future!!!

PHOTOGRAPHY: My sister and I really enjoy taking pictures! So once in a while we may post a photo or two of our best and newest creations.

SEWING: My mom, sister, and I are huge fans of sewing, especially civil war ball gowns!!! Here is my most recent dress that I've made. We want to show some of our favorite patterns to you, maybe even make up a few patterns of our own to share; and if there's interest, we could even give a few personal sewing tips.

Just One Choice

Give me words to write on paper,
Give me books to read and to remember,
Give me music to make and to sing;
But REAL success these alone cannot bring.

Without the Lord by my side,
I am nothing even in day's light.
But when in Him I do abide,
I shine brightly even in the night.

I have fears even for what I hope for,
I have choices that I must make;
And without my Heavenly Savior,
These fears become truths and I fall to mistake.

I can grow confused and worried,
For what I do not yet know.
But God has not lost me,
And He will never let go.

I might not always know where to turn,
And I might forget the One to whom be the glory.
But I will never give up or fail to learn,
That it is Christ who holds the pen to my story.

He is lovingly planning my life;
All I have to do is be patient and see.
For the beauty in unwrapping my real-time story,
Is to watch what He is writing for ME.

So many options and I'm only myself,
But I shall be used and not merely left on a shelf;
This the Lord has for me already chosen,
And His promises are true and never broken.

So off I go,
Ready to live HIS Way;
Excited to stand up and show,
That this is the choice I choose today.

To obey His word,
To answer to His name,
To follow His every calling,
And to thank Jesus my Savior for when He came.

The story He writes for me is not cheep,
My heart is for forever His to keep.
Even if I fall and want to live for what myself wants to be,
HE paid the highest price, and my life cannot be free.

I want to give my best for Him,
And not only just for me.
These many choices that I now hold in my hands,
Carry a very important part of the key:

To how I serve my King,
To how I honor my creator,
To how I glorify my Lord,
And To how I love my heavenly Father,

God is writing my story,
And all I have to do is choose to wait.
I praise Him for His perfect timing,
Because MY God is never late.

I will not let my life be wasted;
Therefore I have only one real choice to choose;
I have decided to set my strength on Jesus,
Because then, no matter what, I CANNOT lose!

WRITING: One of my biggest dreams is to be a writer. I LOVE words, and I may get caught up once in a while in sharing some of my writings with you, or simply give you a glimpse of some of the many stories stuck inside my head (: This was a poem I had written a few months ago for graduation.

THEATER: I can't promise how much theatre jazz I'll be able to add, but I AM crazy about musicals and acting! I've been in some plays, and will be helping backstage next month for another one! This photo was taken from "The King and I" by Inspiration Theatre.

CRAFTS: I'm not a very crafty person.... but some people in my family are!

HAIR STYLES: I enjoy playing around with hair. Especially for our dances and weddings and parties! And once in a while I'll get creative with my younger sisters ;)

FASHION: Sometimes we'll make some skirts, or hair pieces, or jewelry. Whenever we come up with some new or unique fashion hacks/ideas, we'll share!

TRAVELING: Once in a while my parents will take us on a fun vacation to a different state or city. I really like history and facts about cool places, so I think it'd be fun to post photos and/or fun facts concerning these places that we visit.

FOOD: I personally do NOT like to cook, and baking is even worse. BUT, I do sometimes get pulled into a new recipe that looks or sounds too good to be truly delicious! I like spices and when I cook, I make sure I'm thorough ;P My sister Brianna on the other hand loves cooking and baking!

BOOK/MOVIE REVIEWS: If I come across any amazing books or thrilling movies, I'll be sure to fill you in on "everything"!!

FAITH/TESTIMONIES: Loving and serving the Lord our God, Jesus Christ our Savior, is the most important thing to us. I will be writing often of His abundant love and mercy!

~ ~ ~

Of course, this is only the beginning of things! I still need to get my head together to decide if there's anything I've missed ;) But these are the highlights, and I think you can get the gist of what my family's life is like... somewhat. LOL. This list will probably, more than likely, grow. And please bear with me as I am still learning how to make a good and interesting blog! I'm very new to this! Half the time I'm not sure I even know what I'm doing. But here I go!


  1. (: Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out a ton of stuff because I have NO clue what I'm doing. I'm searching on Google for practically everything! I'll get this down, though... I promise :D

  2. I didn't know you started a blog!! Yay! :)

  3. Yes! I just started it a couple weeks ago... I still am figuring like, EVERYTHING out ;P LOL. But it's super fun so far! Do you have a blog???