Monday, May 15, 2017

Concerns Between Liberal and Conservative Division Among Believers, and how Different Religious People can be Unified

There are so many Christians in this world. So many liberal thinkers. So many conservative believers. This often causes many concerns and conflicts within the minds of those involved. It’s sometimes difficult to get along with different “kinds” of believers, and in many cases each group tends to simply go their own way. Because of this, unification between these two groups is rare and sometimes nearly impossible. There are, however, ways in which liberal and conservative Christians can be unified. These ideas may be hard to turn into actions, or may go against what your mind is telling you to do; but quite honestly, in these situations, your actions must be derived from the desires of the Lord, and not from the ambitions and traditions of your own rules.

 FIRST of all, we must have an understanding between faiths. Not that we should be compromising in our own ideas, only open to the fact that there are so many different beliefs in the world other than just our own.
SECONDLY, we must be careful not to look down upon those who think differently than ourselves. And yet, we mustn't look up to their contradicting ways.
THIRDLY, we have to be sure to be good examples of the truth. And yet not to be a bad influence upon their faith. It is important to remember that as we might be confident in what we are convicted on, so might others; and we do not what them to “fall”, but to rise up in an even better faith. This can be accomplished if we are good examples and not bad influences concerning beliefs.
FOURTH, we need to be aware. As we share our thoughts to others around us, they may also get deep into sharing their own; and this could be dangerous to us if we are not careful with guarding our hearts and minds. It is polite and thoughtful to listen, but we have to also always be aware.
FIFTH, it is sometimes necessary to put our differences aside, depending on the situation. When we get together, meet up with someone on the street, etc., we can talk with friendliness and continually speak with kindness, showing with our actions and words our true love for Christ in the way that we feel it. All the while, being sure to set aside “heated” or “argumentative” conversations based upon “religion”. On the other hand, we shouldn't not be afraid to or avoid standing up for our faith. If differences are brought up in any way, we must be truthful and always ready to give an honest but polite answer.

If you truly are a Christian with a mind that wants to learn, ask questions of the opposite division in faith; find out the “whys” in their beliefs. In this way, you may or may not learn something in the way of changing your ways, but it may get the other person truly thinking. By cautiously digging into someone else’s religious life, you may end up planting strong roots of curiosity to the other’s mind; he/she might question their own ideas and “dig deeper” themselves after trying to correctly and biblically answering your questions.

So all in all, it is a difficult, worrisome, and sometimes all together confusing mess to deal with believers who have strongly different ideas than your own; but if done correctly,with the Lord’s help, and with a true desire, unification between the division of liberal and conservative believers is possible.


  1. this great Hannah, I think we as Christians need to spand less thinking of how we are Different and more time rememebering that we are all still Christians and need to love each other even if we are a little Different