Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dancing One Stitch at a Time

Whoa!!!! I don't know, guys... two whole months is a long time. But between SEWING, and my new job, I've been very busy! Yes, I'm finally done with the bees!!!! And now I'm working at a wonderful, cool, comfortable little coffee shop in town. I LOVE this job!!! I've been there for a little more than a month now, and believe me... suffering all those sugary sweets and creamy Lattes is way more enjoyable than dodging bee poop and itchy stingers. But anyway, I'm finally back!

I know I promised sewing stuff/info/details/tips/etc. But after my projects were all spoken of and actually finished, I realize that I didn't have the efficient amount or quality of pictures to give too many tips, or to show in too much detail. *sorry* But I have some photos to share! And I hope you can at least enjoy seeing some of what we've created within these past months.
Watertown Civil War Harvest Ball
My sister Brianna and I went with this group of friends to an amazing Ball down in Watertown!!! We had an excellent time dancing literally the entire evening. We also stayed at a fancy hotel, so after the dance we went swimming till midnight, and then played games till 3am. Yup, it was a blast! LOL

Clintonville Civil War Picnic
Every year we attend this fun, local, old fashioned picnic. We play lots of games, and then did some awesome dancing!

WRHS Civil War Harvest Dance
My family and I put this ball together!!! It was lots of fun to plan, and we had a great turn-out. We organized it through our homeschool group, but a lot of other friends came as well!

My mom made me this gorgeous dress for my birthday!!! I wore it at the civil war picnic. I LOVED it. She let me pick out the fabric, too. AND, she didn't use a pattern!! Well, she used one pattern to get the basic bodice shape just right, but then she totally did the sleeves and everything else, all by looking at a picture!

My mom made my two little sisters these dresses for the picnic ;) They turned out SO cute! She used a few different patterns.


 Friends dancing!!!!
 ~Brianna's and my dresses~
My dress is the red one! This is the most difficult project I've tackled so far. It was time-consuming, but actually really fun! And not as hard as I had originally thought it'd be. I've made a handful of civil war gowns, but this one is definitely my favorite. It was so much fun to wear! Other than... it's REALLY hard to get on and off :P
Brianna made her new dress as well! She chose the dark blue with all the white lace. It turned out so nicely and she was absolutely beautiful. She did such a great job!

~My friend's hair style~
Just because it's absolutely gorgeous!!
~My hair~
Just because I LOVE how it turned out and I even did it on my own!!!!

~WRHS Harvest Dance~ 

Well folks! That's the best of the pictures I can find, at least of my sister's and my dresses!! These Civil War events are one of my absolute favorite things to be a part of. I hope you had fun looking at these pictures and gathering a small taste of how exciting this stuff can be!
~ ~ ~
*I don't have anything to share about wedding dresses... My friend found one she fell in love with and bought!
**Any possible future sewing projects might be... not for a while :P I think I'm going to be rather done with sewing  for some time! LOL
I shall twirl away to my bed now! Have a positively beautiful week! And don't forget to dance for joy and praise our Heavenly Father this Thanksgiving season!


  1. GORGEOUS dresses! I loved how your red one turned out. Also impressed by your hair! :)

    1. Awww! Thanks, Bethany!!! I'm happy with how my red dress and hair turned out too ;) lol
      No baby yet?!?! I'm praying for you, and can't WAIT to meet your little one!

  2. you looked lovely in you new dress! the dance in Watertown looks like fun, then again all dancing looks like fun:)