Monday, August 1, 2016

Random Craftiness

Here are some fun crafts/activities/art-projects I (or some of my family members) have messed around with recently, or at least within these last few years.

~My Best Friend's Birthday party~

This is just a glimpse of the surprise 18th birthday party I threw for my cousin last year, but it was a blast to plan! I tend to go rather extravagant in my decorations when it comes to parties and such. But I LOVE doing it, and it really doesn't cost a whole lot of extra money to be creative, when you have all the materials and supplies to do it already anyway. The snowflakes took a lot of time and work, and my fingers were SO cramped afterward, but man were they fun and beautiful afterward! The cake was a huge project, but it was a fun experience; and I gathered some great tips from my awesome-pro-cake-making Aunt ;) And Pinterest of course was helpful. Being in the middle of January called for sweet and spicy candle party favors, and of course... who can do without an adorable snowman cheese ball??? This party is one example of the kind of "craftiness" I enjoy ;)

~Easter of 2016~
My brother Joshua made this awesome cross out of trees for our church during the Resurrection week. It turned out so well and it added SO much to the special holiday! The young adults had an Easter Cantata during that weekend, and this cross was an added bonus.

~Homeschool Prom 2015~

I was a part of our prom committee for our homeschool group in 2015. I so enjoyed helping with decorations and food!!! Gathering the ideas and putting up all the decorations was such a blast.  Our theme, as you may have guessed, was "Masquerade", so we were able to go wild with all the bold colors, sparkles, costumes, and sweets! I spray painted a million tree braches, fancied up some masks with beads and feathers, and did a bunch of other fun stuff. My aunt helped my sister and I create some gorgeous wrist corsages! It was truly a wonderful experience creating our first homeschool prom ever!

~Donkey Ears~
My mom created these adorable donkey ears for my little sister, for a Christmas program she was in at our church. She also made similar ears and a tail for my other sister, who was a cow ;)

~My Graduation Party~

Again, I sort of went crazy with my graduation party ;) But I loved doing this kind of thing!!! I used a ton of junk I already had, picked wild flowers out of the ditch, grabbed the cheapest doilies I could find, spray painted random canning jars that we had, and used old picture frames and a screen door for my photo displays. I also created a photo book on Shutterfly, and used funky "school candy". And my mom was amazing with the food!!! I had a great party for the celebration of finishing high school.


These are a few random drawings I have done over the years ;) I really have to be in the right mood to sit down and draw, but when I do, the only thing I can ever get to look nice, is people/faces.

Well! That's about it for right now :D Write to you all later!!!


  1. Oh. My. Word. You are so creative! You see, I am not all that creative, so I just marvel at other people's art. ;)

  2. Awww, shucks ;) Thanks! I really don't enjoy a lot of crafts, and I'm terrible with certain kinds of things, but some projects can be fun! And I'm sure you're creative in your own way... Everyone is :D